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Zorin runs very sluggish. I know it is a VM and that is just the way it is. It only has slightly less than 2 GB of Ram and 32 GB of storage. So unless I can give it more Ram it is going to be sluggish, right? I only have 4 GB total Ram for win10 and Zorin. But I can increase the storage space on my disk drive by a lot as I have 1T of free space available on my disk. Would that help the speed any? Would I have to delete this current machine to change that?
Thanks for any help.

In these modern times, 2 gigs of RAM would make anything sluggish. :wink:

When you say VM, are you referring to VMWare or Virtualbox?


  1. Open the VM, but do not turn on the power.
  2. Go to the VM menu and select Settings
  3. Select Memory on the Hardware tab
  4. Adjust the slider or enter the amount of memory to assign to the virtual machine.
  5. Click OK


  1. Power down the VM (the guest has to be off, not just not running but with a saved state).
  2. Discard 'Saved State'
  3. Open the VM's settings.
  4. Open the System tab.
  5. Change the "Base memory" value to however much RAM you want.

Sorry guys. Between the time I posted this question and now I decided to go ahead and install Zorin OS Core. I burned the installer to my usb, changed the boot to usb and got going. All was working well until the end when I got a notice that the Zorin installer crashed and did not install. So right now Zorin installed to the "try Zorin" state and I can use it just fine. But when I click the install button in the upper left corner, it will not install. I guess Win 10 is still on my hard disk and I could reboot to that but Zorin is very fast and I like it. My system is an Acer Aspire E15, 4 MB of Ram and 2T of hard disk storage. I know the title of this is wrong now so should I just make another question?
Thanks for any help.

Update. I tried the installer again. This time it went completely through the installation and did not crash. At the end I was told to remove the usb and restart the computer in order to use the OS. I did that but when I took out the usb nothing would load. So I went back in to bios and changed the order to legacy and HDD. It still would not load the OS. Once I put the usb back in of course it ran off of that and that is what I am on now. I am not sure what will happen when I turn off the pc. It will probably need the usb to load again.

Did you disable Fast boot or Fast Startup from Windows > Control Panel > Power settings?
Windows Fast Boot locks the drive preventing write access.

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If this is a notebook, manufacturers usually create 4 primary partitions, one for drivers, one for factory reset, one for the system and another for recovery media creation. You also need to shrink C:\ partition to make space for Zorin to install. Even if you shrank C:\ partition, you will not be able to install if you have 4 partitions marked as Primary - something has got to go! If you do go down this route, be sure to backup all your critical data, and remember to follow Aravisian's advice above. Make sure you have a Windows 10 installation medium should things go awry and to make sure you have the licence key to reinstall if needed, follow this guide:

Also make sure you have made a record of any other apps you might have purchased and their product keys also.

No, I didn't disable anything in Windows. So, if the hard drive is locked, then what will I do. Windows is off the pc now. I remember when trying to put Windows back on the PC told me the hard drive is locked. I would rather have Zorin but with the hard drive locked I can't get that loaded.
I have two partitions. The only thing I could do is reformat the hard drive but I run the risk of losing the essential drivers my Acer needs to operate so I did not do that. So, I have no idea what to do.

No, this is not a notebook but a laptop. I saw two partitions when trying to get this right. I remember that the pc told me that the hard drive is locked. I tried to put Windows back on but it would not write to the disk and that is probably why. I no longer have Windows so how do I unlock the hard drive. Using Zorin off my usb is all I have so is there anything I can do considering that?

NO I did not disable fast boot or fast start up. That was not even a part of the instructions. I followed the advice to us Balena Etcher and burned the Zorin OS to my usb drive so it would boot up. It's a good thing I did because now that is all I have. Since Windows is gone now and the hard drive is locked, all I have to work with is Zorin off my usb so what can I do with that?

What happens if you follow this YouTube video?

For information the correct term is notebook. The term laptop came about by improper use of notebooks by using on lap instead of a desk. Notebooks were designed purely for portability and not to be used on the lap!

If the YouTube video does not help then follow the advice here:

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I agree - it should be... Have noted point this for review.

My download went great now and the OS is running fine. It is a really nice and elegant yet minimal OS.

Glad you got sorted. Which unlock method worked for you? It would be useful for other Acer users who might face similar issues.
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