Short interview, ask about Zorin

Hi all,

I am not sure if this is good idea or not, but it will be cool and really helpful, interesting to do some kind of interview with Zorin team.

I thought that everyone can write max 2 questions here on forum, about what you want to ask Zorin brothers.

In that way we would know more about them and Zorin project :slight_smile:

As everyone knows, they are not really talkative :slight_smile:


Good idea!

Question: What is new in R2 and R3 ? :joy:


I have an idea!
We could run a fundraising campaign.

You know that sometime you could buy a right to have a lunch/tea with famous people at charity auctions?

We can have a live chat session with Zorin brothers with a ticket priced at something like 10 Euro?

All proceedings goes to help the development of Zorin OS. If we managed to have this event regularly, Zorin group might even able to afford hiring someone for public relations.


I only have 1-question......

(1) What is the reason for your lack of communication? Are you afraid people will like you more and feel a human connection?

My Opinion: "It would be a good thing"


This is priceless!


Release date or progress for Z 16 LITE?

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The reverse can also be true.

Silence is an adept way of ensuring that others do not judge you. People often weaponize what they know about others.


Yes, I've been on the receiving end of that before. People can be very judgemental and mean.

Wow, this is so big :slight_smile: I like it.

I dont know what it is the reason behind those lack of communication.

Even Z distro with one guy have active Telegram group, web and every dev step is known.

In my opinion, that is important, to hear from dev from time to time.

Making post every time when it is release, it is bad politics.

I think that Zorin will attract more peope, users if the situation is opposite.


Yeah, but they are hidding or what they are affraid ?

This is great distro, no bugs.

I think they can be proud without any fear to step up

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FP, I thought you handled the public relations..? Being you do such a good job on here. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Was it something I said..? :crazy_face:


No, not you Jeff, you have been amazing as always, and so has the stellarnarious FrenchPress.

No, the occasions that this has happened to me, were in the past. Its not really something that I am going to get into a this forum lol.

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