Should I change drive settings for better performance?

Should I change/enable the settings for better performance? is it safe? Please give me a details guide. Thanks.

if u are referring to changing the speed of a mechanical hard drive (HDD), it is not recommended, because it can cause issues with the drive's firmware, and it might also increase the risk of data loss or corruption. its because the drive's firmware is designed to work with a specific set of parameters, and changing these parameters can cause unpredictable behavior. additionally doing so can also decrease the lifespan of ur hard drive.

its best to leave it on its own, unless u are facing an issue with ur hard drive

Yes, in fact it lengthens the life of the drive! The less the drive spins-down, the less wear and tear there is in the head 'landing zone'.

The setting in the middle is what most people use... if you never want the drive to spin-down, slide it all the way to the right. It 'performs better' because you never have to wait for the drive to spin-up.

Also enable Write Cache, if you haven't done so.

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