Should I disable Secure Boot?

I want to use Zorin OS fully in my laptop. I have read an article about disabling the Secure boot in BIOS. My question is, is it beneficial to disable secure boot or leave it enabled? If there's an article already here in this forum please kindly share it to me.


If you plan to ditch Windows, then you should disable it, as it's for Windows only.

Secure boot stops unsigned modules from running, and Microsoft did not sign all the Linux kernel modules.

I've also changed the title to better suit your query.


Please keep in mind that any update to the bios will most likely re-enable this feature.

Zorin can run with the safe boot on... the problem is in when you have to use certain hardware drivers. If the kernel drivers allow all of your hardware to function, you don't need to disable it. If you need to install nvidia drivers or other third party hardware support, you will have to disable it to boot.


Thank you. Now I know what to do. Appreciate it.


Thank you. I now understand what to do.

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