Shrink root partition

I have a question some artice sayed. I can shrink my root partition.
For shrink root partition i need a live OS on pendrive and then shrink a partition?
My hard disk is very slow and i want put him a swap partition.

I would not recommend shrinking root, which should be 80 Gb based on my experience of 50 Gb getting bloated in Feren OS. Better to backup critical data in /home and shrink that using Gparted from live iso of Zorin and leave enough space after /home for double what RAM is in the machine.

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you can make Gparted as ISO on a stick : when booted the Tool is instant active, while booting up a Live-session is a nasty way of managing your disks.
For shrinking root you need such Gparted Live Tool: that is the most easy way.

For creating SWAP on disk (instead of RAM) you just create a partition of 2,5 x amount of RAM (as a real fist-rule). Remember after the format and assigning SWAP on disk, you'll need to manually edit the fstab-file for always mounting that SWAP to the system. Easy to do it, but most people forget that little issue.

You can reduce the cache-pressure by editting a file where you lower the swappiness of the system (normal = factor 60 (servers need that mostly), and in edit = factor 10 (as you really do not need the SWAP at all even) )
There are many howto's online for that adding vm.swappiness = 10 to that file.

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