Shudtown takes about 2 minutes abnormally

Once upon a time my computer used to shutdown within 5 seconds. But, I am noticing a significant delay in shutdown. It takes about 2 minutes to shutdown completely. The screen goes black and remains like that until off. Once in a while the stuck screen, instead of being totally black and empty, it shows: watiting for process crond

Can you help me to fix this please?

I found this. Not sure if it will fix your problem, I will await Moderators as they know so much compared to my noobish advice.

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I was on my way replying but got a call...Seems like we posted the same thing at the same time. :rofl:

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Noob-minded think alike? :sweat_smile:


I guess we do!

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Oh no! Run!

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Marked Solution. 311

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