Simplify Default I/O Setup and Switch?

Is there a simple way to set default audio input and output in Zorin? Also, is there a simple way to switch audio I/O and disable unwanted I/O sources?

The simplest way I’ve found to set default audio (output only, no idea how to do input) is from an Ubuntu forum post:

“Run: pactl list short sinks. ; Note the device name you want to use as default ; Try to run: pactl set-default-sink <Your_Device_Name> ; This should work without giving you an error message ; Open the application "Startup Applications" (Should be preinstalled on Ubuntu) ; Click on "Add" ; Give your startup item a name ; Copy your command from above into the command field: pactl set-default-sink 'Your-Device-Name' ; Click on "Add".”

For switching audio, the simplest way I’ve found is to pull up the settings or install a GNOME plug-in.

If there isn’t a simple way to do these things, I hope this can be implemented into a future version of Zorin. This would be a huge help for me.

Have you tried any of the many extensions there are for Gnome?

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