Slideshow Backgrounds

@Fabi992 already talked about it, but I want to ask it again. I have Windows 7 on my PC and I like the custom themes that comes with wallpapers panoramas (you can download them somewhere in the official Microsoft website), and you can even do that by yourself. I was messing with the backgrounds in Zorin OS 17 Core, and turns out you can't do wallpapers panorama (slideshow backgrounds) stuff. Beside the apps that can do it which is smth cool, can Zorin developers add it in a future update, I appreciate the team's work so if there is something to know I would like to hear it (since I'm new to Zorin).

Aloo? Any sign of life?

I think this thread has had no replies because you acknowledge awareness of apps that can do what you want, but seem to have created the thread to give feedback for Zorin OS to include one.
Is that a misreading and you are asking for suggested apps that you can try?

A feature, a suggestion... never mind, this is not a topic for the community I will delete it soon.

The thread is appropriately in the Feedback forum where the devs can see it.