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I recently installed Zorin OS 17 Pro on my Windows laptop, which has an average processor and graphics card, along with 16GB of RAM. However, I'm not sure why all my applications open so slowly and the system feels very laggy. Both Chrome and Firefox take about a minute to open after I click on them, whereas on Windows, the response was instant. The opening time for most apps is really slow, and sometimes interactions feel very laggy and delayed. Can anyone help me address this issue?

It should not be slow and laggy like that. Are you dual booting?
The first thing I would try is to reinstall Zorin OS if this is a very recent installation.
Once installed, run

sudo apt update && sudo apt dist-upgrade

Ya I am using Dual OS, How can i reinstall Zorin Os Pro? Will i loss any of my data?

I had that happen to me... come to find out, many many many sectors on the internal drive were going bad. That drive (the 1 TB drive that came with the machine when it was bought) eventually completely failed. I then converted to what I've got now... 3 mirrored 500 GB drives running ZFS.

First thing I'd do is boot the Zorin OS Boot USB stick, then check all the drives for errors, and try to repair those errors. If there are a lot of errors on any given drive, it's time to replace that drive.

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Yes, performing a fresh reinstall will wipe the data - so Please BackUp your Personal Data.
However, see also:

It may be worth running a S.M.A.R.T. test on your drive, first.

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