Sluggish after Gnome update on Zorin 17.1 Lite

There was an update to the Gnome desktop the other day, 46 I think and now a few days later every thing feels sluggish including the Zorin Menu which now takes a second to appear or more. Before it was instant. Anyone else seeing this?

Did you install Gnome 46 on Zorin Lite? Probably it would not be supported by Zorin Menu.

A Gnome 46 package in Software updates would indicate a Flatpak package update that applies to Flatpak additions only.
The cause of the sudden sluggishness is unrelated to the Gnome 46, most likely.


Check rolling back to previous kernel in Advanced Options?


Yes it was an update in the software app. Will investigate the kernel rollback.

Wont boot with older kernals. Tried advanced options and all 3 older kernels and just get to blank screen with flashing cursor. Only one it will boot is Hmmm.

So a reboot solved the sluggishness will monitor for a few days.