Small screen on monitor

Hi all ASUS500SA with gpu pny p400 and small dektop. Difficult to seeing anything.
Here is a screenshot.
Opened terminal and put a command sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade.
Maybe this is nvidia drivers problems. When go to nvidia-settings seeing anything only snall window with inside black screen.

When Zorin start my monitor what connected display port is blinking example when battery on lighter will dieying but after a some time the screen desktop is not blinking. Next when i trying update it asking about uefi boot or secure boot but i don't put any password. Offline that setting in bios. Live Fedora pendrive screen blinking all time also after loading desktop Fedora.
It also freezing. DE is cinnamon but when I logout i seeing something login screen like a wayland or gnome.
On W11home no issue.

Have you played around with settings>screen display? Try changing the resolution?

Or wherever the display settings are in cinnamon.

Well in bios I only changed for PEG (primary external graphic). The gpu is Display port. I connected the same hard disk with hdmi to another pc also with nvidia and it working normal. This is Zorin DE Cinnamon. I taken also command sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade. Nothing anything.

Ok. I tested this gpu and Zorin with another a cable type,another monitor and put to another PC without problems. Propably the small amount power supply because on first pc a monitor was blinking what i described like a flashligt missing power battery and starting blinking and dieying. Good the graphic card still working but I don't understandable why working normal on W11home without problems. Original operating system is on that PC W11home.
The technology and problems are very tricky in the computers creators and operating systems.
i found correct problem why my monitor blinking in settings was Display port version 1.1 and when changed to 1.2 up monitor stop blinking and working without problems.
Now will trying installing correctt drivers for my new gpu.

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