SMB mounted in GUI - where is it mounted in local filesystem at command line?


I am using Zorin16. I can use the gui to connect to share on a NAS box using the SMB protocol.

Sometimes I want to use the command line to manipulate files on this share, however I do not know where the GUI mounted them in my filesystem.

I've looked in /mnt/ but nothing.

Am I being silly? Where am I going wrong?

I have read about messing with fstab, but I would have thought this is unneccesary - the GUI obviously has the share mounted - why would I attempt to mount again?

Thank you to anyone who can point me in the right direction.



I would think /media/NAS
(Replace NAS with your servername)

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Hi Aravisian,

Thanks for responding.

I looked there but no luck.
I am using the default File Manager (thunar?) when mounting the shares with address of the form:


When prompted for user and password, I enter these and Thunar presents the folder and files. I just can't think where they are mounted on the local machine!

It's not the end of the world it's just a bit odd.

Thanks again,


Hi rmorris -

Have you looked under Zorin>Utilities>Disks? Under the contents line you should see where it is mounted.


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