Smb4K not returning network

Anyone installed Smb4K in Zorin OS lite? Working?

I wanted to connect to a Server in Windows workgroup to a shared Folder. I installed ver 3.0.4-1 which is latest. But a message is coming on opening that : " The network communication failed with the following message: The URL does not exist. " appears URL does not exist is struck off too. I raised this on KDE forum but Zorin os is not familiar there. Ubuntu 20.04 -Linux packages on are running but no changes happen.

Is there a similar package? can anyone guide me?

Did you search for the network? According to you have to search in smb4k for the network and add it, then it'll be visible.

A work arounds that was suggested on the Smb4K / Discussion / Help: Problem with SMB4k and Samba on openSUSE Leap board was to add the following two lines to smb.conf:

client max protocol = SMB3 
client ipc max protocol = NT1

Search repeats the message.
Shall check the code.
Many Thanks :pray:

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