So I moved the clock to the left

Zorin Core.

The tray was getting too crowded and it makes use of wasted space. Also makes the apps bar more spacious.

Just keep clicking the up arrow in Taskbar settings.

Now I have to get used to it. It's been on the right since Win95.


*Weather in the Clock
*Workspace Indicator (scrolls workspaces)
*Shell Restarter (fixes most UI glitches)
*Clipboard Indicator (store entries)

Wallpaper, if anyone wants it.

Update: This actually works pretty good. I usually have TV or a vid on the left half of the screen (27" monitor) so the time comes in handy. Odd that MSFT never thought of this for Win11. It just has wasted space. Apple has that silly truncated dock in the middle, which doesn't make much sense.

I'm not a fan of Start buttons in the corner. It made sense when monitors were almost square but now it's a bit of a reach. Of course, people using a laptop with a taller screen may think different.