So I tried Deepin 20.8

It's the only distro that looks as good as Zorin, tho in an Apple, more feminine, kids sort of way.

The store had Chrome, no prob. Pinta was outdated but I was able to install the new version using the Pinta web site and its links to Lots of commands.

Did not detect my Brother printer but I was able to install the driver by giving it the IP. But when I tried to print it said it could not find the printer and to put the IP in the settings. So I did but it still couldn't find it.

Pros: The start menu has a list of recently used apps. All of my wifi dongles were plug and play. Large clock. It doesn't show day of the week but you can set it to show it when you hover. The store is very cool. The file picker shows large thumbnails, unlike the tiny ones in Gnome (soon to be fixed). Didn't try any extensions. It's Debian but not Gnome. Deb files should work.

If you want to try it in a VM give it 64GBs. It makes a lot of partitions.

It they get the printers better, I could recommend this to Apple users. Little girls should love it. But nothing really beats Zorin for looks and usability.


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