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On some softwares I can choose between 2 sources from a small dropdown menu close to Minimize, what's the difference? What this choice for exactly :thinking:?

This post may be helpful:

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Well, I don't know if I explained badly, I don't mean different results, I mean the little dropdown menu that appear close to Minimize that's called Source, only some softwares allow to choose the source and when I click one I see nothing different.

The majority of applications are available on APT accessible through the main universe repository.
Some apps are available as Flatpak or Snaps, and that can then show in the Sources.

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So choosing one rather than other basically changes nothing, right? I thought that choosing one rather than the other was used to choose between a stable version or one always updated, because some games on Softwares Store are old and the most recent version is on their own website, Softwares Store don't show the most updated.

Correct, the software store may not always show the most up to date version. They only show you the different ones available Flat, Snap or Apt in the store. Some get updated faster and more frequently than others. Plus you can always go to the source of some things and see if it will work on your current configuration.


I would call this a reasonably accurate statement.
The APT (Stable) versions are... stable - and supplied through APT meaning that they mesh with your system.

The Flatpak and Snap packages are more likely to be the latest version. But, they are sandboxed from the system and carry all their own dependencies along with them.
The "latest" package, may not be the best package.
And Snap and Flatpak packages often simply do not work since they are sandboxed from the essential files of the system.

So, ZorinOS added a Source button so that users can choose which version to use. The Source button keeps users informed and aware.


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