Software gave detailed description in wrong language

I am a new Zorin user (Zorin Lite Pro). Most everything is going well with the new install. The only thing is that when I attempted to install Timeshift from the software store, I found that the detailed description is in the wrong language. I do not recognize this language. I only know that it is not what I have selected in my settings (English - US).

The problem seems to be limited to the Timeshift entry in the store. Every other program I have selected in the software store provides a detailed description in the expected language.

Is there something I need to do on my end to correct this? Is there something wrong with the Timeshift entry in the store?

I have it right on my end:

That said, i have no idea what it could be :frowning:

Looks like east European language, maybe Polish.

Just wondering: Is OP's Software Updater pointing to "Main Server" or a regional regional server.


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