Software Store errors?

I'm getting these 2 weird errors under the software app.
Any know why and how to get rid of them?

name of

2022 Windows App Support


Windows app support is a form of wine application used to install windows applications (most of them) with .exe extension and can be installed via the terminal to see if the problem is fixed.

Regarding the first error, Not sure of its origin but it is some sort of error caused when you try connecting to your android device and maybe this command can solve it :thinking:

sudo killall nautilus

Thanks. Haven't addressed #1 yet, but I followed the page you linked for #2. Fingers crossed.

I actually haven't been able to get WINE working yet. So maybe this can kill 2 birds with 1 stone.

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Did you originally from Zorin Software Store, search for "Windows App Support" and try and install it. In the past it did not appear to be listed and you had to search to see it appear in the store.

Also can you check Software Updater source is set to Main Server not a local/regional server.

That error is one to the main reasons I left Zorin and went to Linux Mint. I kept getting that error. There is a thread on this forum somewhere where Aravisian explains how to clear that error. But a week or so later it comes back. I got tired of having to regularly clear it out. The software store of Zorin is buggy. I also got messages saying I had updates that needed to be installed. But when I checked for updates the update manager said I had no updates to install. I like Zorin and still have it on my PCs, but for daily use I use LM.

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