Software store in zorin lite

can i use lite alternative for software store in zorin lite?
can i use fast app to install .deb files instead of software sotre?
there is app store only for snap apps?
can i edit settings in sotware store to be lite?

If you only want to install .deb packages, you can install Synaptic Package Manager. It's much faster than Gnome Software. To install it:

sudo apt install synaptic


Yes, I recommend using Gdebi to quickly and neatly install .deb packages.

That is what Canonical tried to turn Software Store into, breaking a promise that they would never do such a thing...

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that very good, it open it so quickly.

for software store, I think it will better if i used lite alternative for it, and i use that alternative as the default, and use software sotre only when needing to install snap apps

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@Aravisian if i deleted software sotre in zorin, may that broke any thing in zorin? i noticed a lot of default zorin apps listed in it , and these zorin apps get updated through it(software store), and don't get the updated from software updater app.
I think in replace it with App Grid

Yes. The Software Store is integrated into the desktop, with each relying on the other as a dependency. Removing the software store will result in removing the Zorin OS Desktop (true for Lite) as well.

Since you are a Zorin OS Lite user, you are able to remove the Software Store through a rather tedious process of replacing the Zorin OS Lite Desktop with the XFCE4 desktop. This may mean adding the xubuntu-development team repository in order to get XFCE 4.16 and adding the WhiskerMenu to replace the Zorin App Menu...
It is probably not worth it to you to bother... I have gnome-software installed only because I need to launch it to test other user-related issues on my machine. Otherwise, I could and would, as a Lite user, nuke it off my machine.
But I don't mess with it unless I need to see what a user is struggling with in it and when I am not - I do not notice it is even there.

You may be better off leaving the Software Store in place and relying on your alternative.

For me... I do not use Synaptic, either. I promote it. I speak well of it. I have it installed.
But all package management I do, I have slowly migrated to the easiest, most efficient, fastest and most verbose package tool available:
The terminal.


ok, i'll keep it, and i will use alternative, but what about the updating of apps in it, should i open it to get update for it, or their apps getting updating with sudo update, and software updater app?

You can use

sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade

If you forget to run that once in a while, the update notifier will give a popup reminding you.

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the default software sotre in zorin is very good idea, u have snap store +PPAs+flatpak apps , all in it.
but it's slow in launching(opening). and the idea of making him the default app to open .deb files is bad idea, app like dgebi(which u recommenced it to me) should be the default app to open .deb files. may be in the future may zorin optimize lunching of software store, may be by separated snap apps(i found that there is snap store app) and make dgebi for open .deb files

It really is.

You can easily find me listing the flaws and downsides of the Software store... But I do agree with its inclusion.
I think its inclusion would be improved by it not being integrated...

The Software Store is something I see as a Stepping Stone for the new user. Like... training wheels on a bicycle.
It provides a very simple interface with easy use. It looks familiar and gives lots of eye-candy.

There is much about Linux that is confusing to the new joining user of Linux. I mean... there are many different Desktop Environments. Many different ways of solving a problem and many ways to install something.
New users are often baffled by Flatpak and Snap and APT.
The Software Store helps them to settle in, with Less Pressure to learn everything all at once.
That way, they can focus on one thing at a time more easily.

And since ZorinGroup went to the effort to add a Source Button, new and existing users can easily see what Source they are getting a package from in the Software store, enabling learning and growth with less fuss.

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