Software store security


I have being using Linux as sever for some time but just switched my desktop several days back. Most confusing part about desktop experience are apps and packaging.

I was forced to download some apps like postman, Mattermost etc from Software store since they do not include installer packages on their websites. but seems that software store has multiple copies of same app which makes me think that it is community managed space.

With all being said is there a chance that somebody could sniff custom code inside those packages and i could get infected by downloading apps from Software Store?

Is it that hard package tar files downloaded from official sources ?

Up in the top right hand corner there is a a little arrow on much of the software that you can select which version you want to install.

I don't particularly use the store as I don't like snaps or flatpaks, I installed Synaptic and use that. Or I just go to the website of the software I want and download the deb file.. Easy Peasy.

Ummmm, if there was that big of a problem with any of the software in the store, everyone would already know it and it would have been pulled..... It's when you go to websites and start downloading and installing all kinds of weird stuff is where your problems begin.

The store is mainly snaps and flatpaks....


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