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I've noticed that if I start Software Updater, then stop it and go to the first tab which indicates where updates are coming from, it states 'Custom Servers'. Does this indicate that Zorin are now using dedicated servers instead of relying on Canonical one/s? (e.g., Main Server). If so I also need to change my unofficial manual for Z17 Core to state that Software Updater should be kept at 'Custom Servers'! I am aware that this was the setup for Z17 Beta, just not sure if it is meant to be the way forward, a bit like Artix no longer uses anything to do with Arch, instead, using it's own repositories.

They have always had their own repositories via PPAs in order to provide newer software despite an older base. That’s why on the point releases for Zorin 16, you would see upgrades to LibreOffice despite still on the Ubuntu 20.04 LTS base. Nothing has changed for ZOS 17. It’s a mix of Canonical, Debian, and Zorin repositories along with Flatpak and Snap packages in order to give users the best choice of available software. Strong stable base with best choice of software. Despite all this effort, some packages will be older in rare instances.

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I appreciate the response. But Custom Servers never existed before Z17 Beta. When you installed Z16 and earlier it would default to your country's locale server for Ubuntu. This caused some issues for users in broken or incomplete updates and the recommended solution was Main Server in Software Updater settings, first tab.

I thought you were referring to the repositories versus the physical server locations. Most distributions have servers scattered around the world I suppose like Zorin does to help improve on latency issues and/or download speeds. Sometimes they are commercial entities or sometimes a university/school.

Yes, I saw that too. I changed it to a local Server because I don't know what these Servers are. Maybe that are the Beta Servers and they are simply still online?

@staff can we have a definitive answer please guys?

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