SOLVED (SEE OP) - How to add a directory to $PATH?

Hello. A newbie question regarding setting PATH....

I made a 'qb64' directory in my 'home' directory, and placed some programs I wrote in the QB64 language in it. I'm trying to set $PATH so I can call those programs from any directory under a terminal session. I must not be understanding Linux directory structure right yet, because this doesn't seem to work:

export PATH="home/qb64:$PATH"

I noticed when I open a terminal windows in the qb64 directory, home is not shown, just qb64, so I tried it this way too, and it's not working either:

export PATH="qb64:$PATH"

I must be missing something, but don't know what it is. I do know /qb64 is in the /home directory - when I uses the files app it shows it that way (home/qb64)..

I've read that a PATH change like this won't be saved when the terminal session ends, and that I will need to edit the .bashrc file to make it permanant, but before I do that I want to get it working right temporarily first.

What am I missing?

EDIT: I got it working! Here's what I changed: Here's what I found works:

export PATH="~/qb64:$PATH"

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For new people this is handy to know :grinning:


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