[SOLVED] Unable to connect to internet through ethernet connection

We recently saw a case where a badly connected wire was the cause of an issue with printers... so as silly as it may sound, please do check that the ethernet cable is connected properly.

As @swarfendor437 suggests, please check that is not damaged anywhere along its length. Wires usually don't get much attention and are often placed in such a way that the cable is forced into awkward bents for long periods of time, stepped on, pulled out aggressively, etc.
This last one can also cause damage to the physical ports so please make sure those are also in good condition, with no loosen, out of shape or "splintered" pins. While you are at it, it might be a good idea to rub some isopropyl alcohol using a cotton swab just to remove any dust and dirt particles.

Are you able to ping other devices on the same local network (with Wi-Fi off)?

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