SOLVED: Using a MAC theme, but in either Lite or Core versions?

I am considering changing up to Zorin, but I do not need ALL the stuff in the Ultimate. Is it possible to install either Lite or Core and then install the MAC themes to that? I am happy to pay for the themes themselves if necessary.

I just don't want to have to spend time deleting all the software I don't want/need.

A couple of further questions:
Is there support (as in I can) for installing Wine 6 and derivatives?
Touchscreen support?

Thanks all, it does look like a nice distro :slight_smile:


You can find a huge collection of Mac themes on and it's free, that you can use in lite or core. :slight_smile:

Thanks, but as a newbie to Linux I'd rather use something "approved by management" so to speak. TBH, I'd probably ok to pay the $75 approx for the OS if I could get the Ultimate without all the software! I mean I could uninstall all the software I suppose, but then being a noob, I'd would also probably remove required files that would then "brick" the system.

I mean, it IS a pretty simple question I would have thought, yes or no....

Just got a reply back from Zorin (I did send an email - but as I think they'd get hundreds of emails I wasn't sure if/when they could reply so I asked here as well)

Seems I can select Minimal Install from the Ultimate ISO, which installs essentially a "Lite or Core" version BUT retains the MAC desktop files, so happy days...

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