Solved! Zorin 16 lite: Power Management does not work


Regardless of what I set in Powermanagement. After a few minutes, suspend switches off the PC while a stream is running, and I have to log in again.

The solution:

sudo xset s 0

Found it here in the forum.

@linuxagain Although we see you are using Lite from the title of this post, can you do us a favour and edit your Forum Profile to show that you are using ZorinOS Lite. That way we will not have to ask that question if you seek help in the future. Thanks. Zab.

Also, could you link to the thread where you found this? I was also curious about this issue and would like to know more about it (it may also help other visitors that are lead to this thread). Cheers!

Hey. Sorry, I can't find the thread, from which I got the command.

@linuxagain Thanks for amending your Profile :white_check_mark:.
But listing both Lite (xfce) and Core (Gnome) there will likely result in questions as to which one (xfce or Gnome) are you using, as advice may be differ according to your ZorinOS edition and Desktop Environment.

I don't understand, what you mean. Shall I mention in my profile, which desktop I use? I have specified the version.

Your Profile states "Zorin OS editions: Lite, Core"
So we don't know if you are using Lite or Core (or both) from that.

Also you have indicated "Zorin Core 16.3 Lite"
So we don't know if you are using Lite or Core from that either.

The version is not so important, just which desktop i.e. xfce or gnome, otherwise you may be asked that each time.

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