Some application are not accepting dark theme

Hi i noticed that root applications are not following the dark theme used by the system like firewall, timeshiftt, Gparted... How i can make them use the dark theme.
can you give me some help? be gentle i am still a learner. thank you

Any theme that is in in Home directory (/home/$USER/.themes or /home/$USER/local/share/themes) but not in the system directory /usr/share/themes will only apply to apps run in Home, not root.

To apply a users theme to root-run apps as well as home-run apps, copy the theme to /usr/share/themes

Ah thanks for that i will try to move it, and let you know

If your using any FLATPAK APPS, they do not respect GTK+ themes. Yes I know, how dare these FLATPAK's give us so much disrespect! But, they are in a sandbox after all, and they don't wanna share their sand castles with the rest of the system.

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Thank you it worked

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