Some Dual Boot related question?

Zorin OS is the Linux distro that convices me to install and try linux.
But I have bunch of questions. May be some are silly. Please forget me because I am new in linux community.

My HDD partitions: C: Windows, D: Linux, E: Academic, F: Media, G: backup
All drives have NTFS file system.

My windows is installed on C drive and I try to install Zorin OS on D drive.

Q1: Should both OS ( Windows and Zorin OS ) drive need same file system like NTFS?

Q2. Can I access ( read and write ) others files that are in E,F,G from both OS?

Q3. Does different file system cause problems like data corruption?

I tried Linux Mint preview . I can make bootable pendrive at NTFS filesystem by rufus and it works.
But I need to set FAT32 for Zorin OS. Otherwise It shows error at preview.

No, Zorin OS should use ext4 format.

Yes, you should be able to. In Zorin OS, you may need to adjust permissions, so please check back on this forum if that fails to happen.

I have never heard of it causing data corruption.


We can help people that ask questions silly or otherwise. Nothing to worry about :smiley:


I was always told that the only stupid question is one you don't ask. That said, since Zorin is based on Ubuntu it is not difficult to search for solutions to most problems. Some may not be as simple as a quick search. We provide assistance to everyone we can, as well as clarity when possible. Not all issues will be solved, but we will try our best. The only thing we ever ask is that you try with us and understand we are voluntarily helping where we can as best we can. Linux has a learning curve, it may seem frustrating, but stick with it and you'll get it.


I have to keep this one in mind. Very well said!

I always look for the answer by adding "ubuntu" at the end of my search terms in DuchDuckGo.

Even better, add "ubuntu 18.04" or "ubuntu 20.04" to focus search on either Zorin15 or Zorin16