Some other UI issues I've noticed

So let me start by saying I really appreciate the work the Zorin team has put into their Linux distribution, so many Linux OS get the GUI wrong in lots of little ways and I’ve tried quite a few.

Windows may not be a consistent OS but it is convenient and mimicking some of its conveniences will help move people away from it.

I’ve been using windows since win95 (yes I’m old) so how it works is wired into my mind & no doubt for many others.

So here are a few things I’ve noticed.

Centered window placement
Great job team Zorin, so many Linux OS cannot do this and force everything to open to the left, it’s maddening coming from windows which does a very good job of opening software in the centre of the display and remembering window sizes.

No complaints just wanted to say thank you : )

Folder views
That said something windows can do and Zorin cannot is remember the view mode of the folder, on windows you can set one folder to thumbnail (e.g. photos), another to details/list (e.g. documents) and it remembers your preferred selection.

Would it be possible to add the ability to select the file view mode for individual folders that ignore the global selection ?

That Zorin has links (aka shortcuts) is amazing
I cannot fathom how a core feature of a major OS for the past 25 years is not present in most Linux desktop OS these days, not even Linux Mint has it (I’ve tried a whole bunch of others too).

That said if you make a link to a folder (.e.g backup) a pop-up appears saying “Files Backup is Ready” upon opening it.

Would it be possible to add a notification toggle to suppress this and not have to globally disable all notifications which seems the only option.

List & large thumbnails modes
I swear I’m not making this up but at one point I’m certain MS stated that list mode of windows is the most popular view mode in explorer.

Linux Mint has a ‘compact list mode’ similar to windows but Zorin does not, it only has thumbnails and details equivalents.

Could the compact list mode be added to Zorin file manager that can be scrolled left/right with the mouse scroll wheel same as windows.

Likewise the large thumbnails feature of windows explorer is also missing.

Thumbnails on network shares
Windows can do this but Zorin cannot generate thumbnails for photos or videos on a network servers so if you have large album stored on a NAS you cannot see which photo is which.

Background app alerts
Out of the box the default audio software is rhythembox however if I open a mp3 via ‘files’ it opens in the stock video player. I actually prefer to play single mp3 via video/vlc player.

I had to manually cycle between the default audio software to make it load rhythembox by default.

Also upon attempting to close rythembox it had no notification that it was running in the background tray icon unless music was playing, maybe a notification that rythembox is running at least once or something ?

Because what happened is I tried to load another mp3 via files and what it did was add the mp3 to rythembox queue, this confused me until I realized it was still running in the background.

These are just some of the usability quirks I’ve run into, Zorin does a good job of closing the gap with Windows but its not quite there yet.