Some things can't be found in zorin 16.1

Two days ago I installed zorin 16.1 core (gnome). I was using 15.3 ultimate before, but I was using the standard gnome layout and the extra apps that I never used wasn't worth the pro for me.
But there are a few settings and tweaks that I don't find anywhere! Now, the things that I can't find is how I configured zorin 15.3.

  1. Taskbar (gnome like) was in the bottom. Can't find the settings for that anywhere.
  2. Clock Override Extensions isn't the software list.
  3. coffeine (the extension that overrides the lock screen) isn't in the software list.
  4. Firefox seems a bit strange. in tabs where videos play, instead of seeing the play icon it says "playing" under the tab title.
  5. the automatic brightness doesn't work (not a big deal but just a fact).

These are few things that come to my mind right now.
Also, what are some of the suggested to do after installation?

the show desktop icon can't be found. also the icon that has the effect like hitting super can't be removed from the taskbar.

  1. right click on the taskbar to get to settings.
  2. can be found on gnome extension page.
  3. can be found on gnome extension page.
  4. new version of firefox equals new features.
  1. can't right click on taskbar.
  2. and 3. can't be found in gone extension tweak
  3. firefox was always up to date in zorin 15.3. also in windows it's different than it is in zorin 16
  1. It depends on your layout setup. By default it should, otherwise go To Zorin Appeaerance --> Interface --> Taskbar Settings

  2. Make sure to log in/out asfter downloading the extensions.

the setting you mention about the taskbar is greyed out. in zorin 15.3 it was in the zorin appearance settings. it was just "taskbar position: top or bottom"

Ah, it's because you're using the Mac layout? In the screenshot I posted I use the default lauout and moved it up nad use plank at the buttom. If you using the Mac layout you can only tweak the buttom bar.

no. I am using the gnome layout (not ubuntu gnome but standard gnome)

Then I don't know what's wrong. Try switch layout and then switch back.

the settings that you are mentioning are also not giving any effect. so, there are 2 options about my taskbar problem: 1) either it isn't supported in core because in zorin 15.3 ultimate it worked or 2) the zorin team did this on purpose

  1. fixed. it's caffeine, not coffeine

Have you checked or reinstalled the gnome-shell-extensions in question?
Or just run

sudo apt install --reinstall zorin-os-desktop

These features should be present and they should work.
Zorin OS 16 actually expanded the amount of control the user had over the desktop on Zorin 15.

those settings/extension work for other layouts, but not for the gnome layout.

you can always install additional extensions to change how the desktop works through Extension Manager from the Software Center

that's just a Firefox change, and nothing that Zorin did

I'd assume this is a driver issue

the "Show Desktop" icon is called "Desktop Button" in the TaskBar settings, and is definitely still there
the "Super Key" is called "Activities", unless you set it to open the menu, in which case it's "Left box"

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yes, I can see all those settings. but they not affect the gnome layout at all. that's the problem

I think it's made on purpose that there's no settings for the gnome layout. I can't say why.

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ok. i can live with that

correct, those settings affect the Zorin-Taskbar extension

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it's probably just that an extension they previously used didn't get updated to GNOME 3.38.x

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