Sound from laptop half working?

Hi all,

Today i listen to a few music and videos and i noticed the sound/speakers on my laptop are only working on 1 side. I checked the speaker sound with setting to test left and right side and they work both. But when i compare to windows sound and to linux it's like i have alot of sound loss. Also when i have set the volume @ 30% in windows it is 100% in linux.

How can i fix this ?

Hello, you might want to install PulseAudio for more audio settings:
sudo apt install pavucontrol

Then open PulseAudio from the list of applications.

Thanks will try it out later and report back.

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You can also run Alsamixer from Terminal. Check the Output channel settings look correct there.
If in doubt set all outputs to maximum and test.

I tried them both and still didn't fix it. I have a ALC255 realtek card and that use a a dolby surround app in windows to get better surroundings. With linux it only shows "master".

Sound volume in windows is set to 30, when i want the same volume in linux i have to set it to 100...but sound is still not the same.

Is it Alsamixer only showing "Master"

Can you add a screenshot of your Alsamixer settings here.

Will look again tommorow. Thanks for your time.