Sound output settings on taskbar

is there a way to make the sound setting also have a way to change the output device on here, it is very annoying to go through settings all over just to change the output. Like i want it to work like wired settings, when i click wired on this menu it gives me a option to change the connection type.

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Sound Input Output Device Chooser extension?


There's an extension for that on gnome extention page.


To help the OP and to clarify, are you both referring to page in Zorin Software Store?


GNOME Shell-udvidelser


Tested here with Zorin 16.2 - it works like wanted:


thank you all, this works like i wanted

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Hi Folks Hi Folks

I have a sound issue that I have tried to suggested solutions with no luck.

At booting my sound does not work, going to the settings I have four options.

1/ Speakers-USB audio device (Zorin defaults to this each time) = No sound

2/ Digital output (S/PDIF) = No sound

3/ Digital output (S/PDIF) Built in audio device = No sound

4/ HDMI/DisplayPort2-GK208 HDMI/DP Audio Cpntroller works perfect.

Is it possible to disable three options leaving the option that works, avoiding adjustment each time I boot.

I need the option 4 as the hardware works with the Mac set up which I can choose at boot.

Thanks in advance

maybe this can help you : Ubuntu – How to set a default audio output device in Ubuntu 18.04 – Unix Server Solutions

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