Sound stops working after install

Hi everybody. This is my first post here. I hope we all have an enjoyable experience.
I just installed Zorin 15.3 on my Acer Aspire 5315 laptop. The sound was working perfectly when I was running the live DVD, but after installation, it stopped working, and I have no idea how to bring it back. Needless to say, any help will be greatly appreciated, and I thank you in advance. Best regards.


It may be muted or volume set very low. Open the terminal and copy/paste;


Sorry, but it didn't work.

What did you see after you typed Alsamixer in terminal?
if you can attach a screen shot, that would help us see what you see.

In addition. Open Zorin>Settings>Sound.
What do you see there?
Are the output sliders over to the right i.e. 100% ?
Whilst there, you will see "Speaker Test". Try that and see if it announces "Front Left" and "Front Right" according to the speaker tested.
(That announcement is always a source of joy to my ears.)

Thanks a lot. It worked. Sound is working fine now. :slightly_smiling_face: