Speed of third party software manager

I installed Chromium(92.0.4515.159) on Zorin Os with Flatpak and the startup times are very BAD (about 34.3 seconds). So I installed Chromium(92.0.4515.159) using the Linux Mint Repo and the startup times are only (about 2.1 seconds) HUGE DIFFERENCE, It also loads faster when I opened it. Snap is a little better (29.8 seconds) still not as good tho. Why does this happen?

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Avoid Flat/snap as much it's possible and should only be used as an emergency :stuck_out_tongue:
It's because they run in sandboxes with their own libraries, which need to be loaded into the RAM everytime you use a Flat/Snap app.


Sometimes I miss the AUR. Is there a better way for applications to be ported to Linux.

I do understand, I'm a former Manjaro user. But repeatedly upgrade breakage made me switch to something stable.

But luckily must software for Linux have a .deb package if you lookup on sites. :slight_smile:

Yes I use alot of stuff from other Distro's repos like Linux Mint, MX Linux etc. I was a former Arch User but I got lazy to maintain the system. I decided to just use something easier since I don't have bunch of time to fool around anymore. My exams are coming and I need to not have pakages to just break while I have online classes.

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I think app images perform better than flat/snap sometimes. The bad thing is tht it doesn't integrate as well because I think it doesn't auto update

I never used appimage, but @Aravisian do, he can perhaps answer that question.

Me too I also don't like the idea of an appimage, what if you build an application from source will it be faster?

That's an option. I build stuff from source as well, when I can't find a proper .deb file.
To have barebone of building stuff you install;

sudo apt install build-essential

App images are standalone - so they do not autoupdate.
Generally, they start up faster than a Snap Package does. Appimages are not sandboxed the way Snap Packages are.

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Does building an application from source allow it to be managed by application manager like apt?

No, only if you build a .deb package for it in the process.

Interesting, can appimages access system theme, system fonts, custom fonts, .etc?

Thats kinda sad, I like my applications managed by one application manager. I don't like the idea of having multiple managers to install and maintain a specific software

It may depend on the appimage, but the ones I have been using all do. For example, Deadbeef does.

Synaptic Package Manager. :wink:

sudo apt install synaptic

Oh I heard of 'synaptic' before I remember using it on Linux Mint(I think it's preinstalled). This may help because Zorin Application I find it slow and buggy, Idk your experience may vary I guess. Imma try it out and see what it does.

Zorin OS defaults to the Ubuntu Software Store, which I personally find too minimalistic and buggy. It is more like the Windows Store, which is why Zorin OS uses it.
But I switched to Synaptic within a few weeks of starting out and never looked back.

Yes it's too buggy even the Windows Store is probably better because searching for something doesn't take a whole minute. Zorin Team maybe should make or use another GUI software manager

Exactly the reason I left also. It is hard to beat the stability of Debian based distros :slight_smile:
There are tonnes of Debian based servers but not much of Arch based servers for a good reason.

Each distro has it's ups and downs I guess