Split between choosing email providers

As I mentioned in @Storm's topic about being un-googled, I was split on choosing email providers. I chose iCloud, however I made a BIG mistake in doing so. This time I want to try another email provider. I've currently got my interest in Mailfence and StartMail. I'm very wary of ProtonMail, in fact, I'm wary of all of them as I heard that some users got terminated for spam when they sent one email or they got locked out of their accounts and never got back in. @Storm told me that those are 'horror stories' that happens with all email providers. So I know I have to put my trust in one of them. So I'm going to be doing that slowly. I'll be keeping my contacts and calendars stored locally on my computer.

Unless you have other email providers to tell me about. I'm happy to hear them.

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I only use proton mail for financial privacy or if an unenlightened company can't deal with more than 3 characters after the @ sign, i.e., @e.email. (cf. @gmail.com to understand characters after the dot.)
This is my main email I use as I got a free email account when I purchased my smart phone from the e foundation.
You don't need to buy a phone to get one. Just head over to murena.io


I think you were pointing out to murena.com. my browser couldn't find murena.io for some reason.

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No issue here:

I even deleted login after the last / and still got there!

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It worked for me this time. I don't know what happened there.

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One thing the site didn't mention is how secure the emails sent are.

All I know is the servers are based in Norway. Here is an interesting article to read:

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I've been using Protonmail for years, never an issue. I've never had any company refuse my protonmail email address in their system either like some complain about. I have however had my outlook email not accepted on some things.

And any company will throw you off their system if they suspect you sending spam on their servers. Each company determines how many sent emails you are permitted daily, some have a limit others state unlimited. They can't read the email you're sending but they can all certainly see how many you are sending on their system. And I've seen those postings on Reddit from people claiming they only sent "1" email, I don't believe them. Break the rules, you go bye bye, as it should be. These same people are sometimes on there whining because they don't have unlimited aliases. Just like no matter how secure or privacy related these companies say they are will follow any court order put in front of them. Your little $5 a month account is not going to trump a court order.

I have Tutanota and Protonmail, you should not put all your eggs into one basket. You should have more than one at separate companies. I am actually looking at Mailfence for my business accounts, but keep in mind that Mailfence is licensing a Microsoft product, that is how they have activesync.

I looked at Startmail, and even though it is a separate company from Startpage I was hesitant to use them due to be owned by an ad company. That was my only drawback.

There will always be a "horror" story or someone with a problem or someone complaining or whining about this or that some place. If you're looking for a company where nobody complains you're going to be looking for a long time. You need to look at what the options are for each company, and then pick the one that works for you, not for others. Email is inherently not private nor secure, you can not fully hide yourself


I use protonmail a lot.


Absolutely wrong, It is unless a admin of the MNC decides it's a spam account no action wiil be taken as it could lead to legal issue for a loss of customer, No automated system removes your account. Also, It is not that difficult to choose one email service provider. Changing providers frequently can lead to personnel work related problems and every MNC knows your profile very well, why try to hide your self in front of a mirrror :question:

Check out the List of best email service Providers.


I just don't want big companies like google to use my data for personalised ads like most of the people here.

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The thing is after studying there algorithms, I found out that they already have a million ways of extracting user data.

for google :- the google workspace work collaboratively to extract and confirm data collection. The blogs you visit the voice search you perform, the face chat and the biggest youtube. All work collaboratively to collect data and do whatever google want's. Nearly half of the web is made on google's blogger and nearly all of them use's google's Adsence.

So, no there is no way you can or want to limit yourself from providing Data to Google and same for other great MNC's with different extraction methods :man_shrugging:


I'm sorry, I need some time out. I'm not feeling too good.

For all of history, there has been a Public. That is, somewhere other than the privacy of your modern bathroom.
In the olden days, bath rooms were public, too.
And they fought in them.
When in Rome...

As long as a person sets foot outside their door, they are exposing themselves to a lack of "privacy".
What this means is that what Privacy means in this context is not the same thing as keeping something Private.
Privacy in the online world is mitigating the amount of data that is available about you that can be exploited, used for Target Market Advertising and that is used to shield you into a personal bubble of confined world-view.

And there is quite a lot that you can do to mitigate that. You cannot cut it all out entirely.... Just as you cannot stop your face being seen, what clothing you chose to wear when you walk out the door. The observers on the downtown bus may know what you look like, but they may not know whether you like sushi or pizza unless you specifically tell them.

Google - GMAIL analyzes the content of user emails. Protonmail - does not.
In this example, choosing to use Protonmail over Gmail offers a layer of protection against untoward exploitable observation of personal details.

Add another layer by using UnGoogled-Chromium.
Use an alternate phone OS than Android or Apple. So on an so on. While a person will not utterly and totally remove all the spying, they can reduce to a very tolerable level.

None of the above is the same as a person wearing a tin-foil hat and believing that there are conspiracies out to get them. It is all about the money.
Many companies realized that they could emulate the path taken years ago by Radio. Put out a product for Free to listeners (Since there was no practical way of billing individuals for listening to the radio) and make your money by selling advertising time.
Now, Games, phone apps and all the rest have taken that concept to a whole new level. Downloadable content, pay to win, It is all based on exploiting every last facet of human nature to squeeze every last nickle and dime out of the consumer.
Exploiting personal data to sell to advertisers to use to boost their effectiveness and sales is just more of the same.
It's not a conspiracy, it is just greed.
And greed works both ways.

Privacy, once invaded, then became Marketable. Now, it is a selling point to offer a product that protects privacy. Look at Brave Browser. And how much do you pay for Brave, by the way...? How do they make money....
In this example, we can see our own responsibility in this and one more than we can do to take privacy back. Society needs to stop demanding or expecting "Free" products with Good Results.


It's quiet clear,


Finally got my email account. I chose Murena Cloud as @swarfendor437 suggested to me. Let's hope it doesn't turn on me...

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