Square windows and buttons

How to square all windows and buttons and menus in zorin? Is there any central css or tool present? square means total square, 0 border radius! I am in badly requirement of this please.

vasant.talpada, are you using Zorin with Gnome Desktop (Core or Ultimate) or Zorin with XFCE (Zorin Lite or Zorin Ultimate Lite)?

There is no GUI tool present that will do that for you, but different Themes may match the design you have in mind.

Yes, you can also add your own .css to your desktop by creating it in ~/.config/gtk-3.0/gtk.css
Or you can use the .css to make a full theme if you prefer.

Hello! Try another theme, e.g. ‘adapta’, can be downloaded from gnome-look.org. Create a ‘.themes’ folder in your home directory and extract the downloaded tar.gz file there, then select it as the window theme in Zorin Appearance. This is a simple but beautiful and square theme.

You might like LXQt: