Ssd vs m.2 ssd

Is it worth to spend more extra money on m.2 sdd or better to buy a ssd?? I heard that m.2 is more expensive but give a liitle more speed than ssd which is less expensive than m.2 ssd.

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To answer your question, SATA III SSD AKA 6Gb/s, has a theoretical limit of 600MB/s, in reality, you will see around 500MB/s in file transfers to the drive. This is most certainly faster then any mechanical drive, which generally tops out at 300Mb/s, on the same SATA III connection.

Now NVME M.2 SSD's are considerably faster, they operate on the PCIE gen 3 or gen 4 lanes. These drives have a theoretical limit of 984MB/s, in reality, they will read a bit slower. Having said that however, very soon, PCIE gen 5 will be released, and those speeds are going to increase even more.

So yes, NVME drives are most certainly much faster, and depending on what you are going to do with your computer, is weather or not buying them would be worth it. If you are planning to do production work, or gaming, it is most certainly worth it!

But if your just using your computer to surf the web, watch Youtube, Netflix, do some social networking, you absolutely DO NOT need an NVME drive, you will never even come close to saturating the PCIE lanes.

Additionally, if you plan to move massive amounts of data, say 500GB at a time, your going to write and read from, much faster with an NVME drive, then you would with the old standard, SATA III SSD.

This is the best way that I can explain it. Hopefully, I have been helpful to you, in helping you to both understand, and to make the decision.


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