SSD weird size

I have weird disfunction my ssd from 2015 maybe this is dieying.
When I use bleach then sometimes ssd size gived me 20 gb or when clearing 40gb more. What it could be some malware or bitcoin crypto virus what i suppouse to do?

I wouldn't think of Viruses, first. You may check the allocated space on the disk.
Are you booting in MBR or EFI with GPT?

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I saw also some raw. How i can check that? I just sometimes have thinking my hard disk are like need doctor to remove a teeth. Some tips with commands?

Maybe i need some software to healing my hard disk?

How many partitions are on the disk?

On this only one. Bleach is used on windows and linux that i am suprised. I go to disk and when check system files i get information i need repair. Weird that why i bought two hard disk and two i want remove.

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Maybe ssd after 5 years with this size started just dieying.

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