Starlink! And space

I know this has nothing to do with Zorin .. But, I got some shots of Starlink and some open space tonight - figured I would share! :smile:

And yes, yes - I know.. I'm working on my camera settings to get better shots...... or morphing my brain to learn how to use GIMP better :joy: Maybe both..

I like this one - you can see the Milky Way :sunglasses:


Got it to lighten up a little, still kinda dark..

There's another fly-by tonight so, I'm going to try again! Looked up some settings to try for the camera, might be able to get better shots this time. Also, shows viewing times by location, and a live map of the satellites flying! It is off by about 10min., +/-.


Two more, getting better haha I'm going to try - yet again - but, get way less shutter time going and then see if I can lighten it up enough to see it how I see it.

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