Start menu and pages not displaying titles

Hi guys, since last update yesterday the start menu and pages are not displaying the titles right. Does anyone know how can it be repaired?

Many thanks!

that's bizarre. try check your font settings if there have been some changes.

I found a few pages regarding for this issue. Unfortunately, none of those (Arch and Slackware) are for Debian based distro. But At lease I could confirm that it can happen to XFCE desktop.

XFCE for some reason will often default to a locally installed font - which causes problems.

The above comment might give you some hints how to solve this issue. How about changing default locale to English?
LANG=C xdg-user-dirs-gtk-update

Thank you Storm. That may have been the solution. I'm a bit ashamed to admit that because it was something related to the update, it didn't cross my mind to try common sense troubleshooting. I changed the fonts, restarted and all UI text displays correctly. It might have been the fonts, the restart or the low disk space on system drive. I'm a bit ashamed now that I realise it was an easy fix. Thank you and cheers! :sweat_smile:

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Hi FrenchPress, thank you for your suggested solution and highly relevant links. Luckily it was an easier fix and didn't need to go further, thank you, cheers! :grinning: :hugs:

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Sorry I forgot to add that the region and language was in English unchanged.