Steam Games are not in the Activities Overview

Hello I reinstalled Zorin. I had my Steam games on an another drive and recoverd them. They are in my Steam Libary but not in the menu of Zorin. I tryed "ad to desktop" in steam, but this only added the games to the desktop, not to the menu.

How can I put the games in the menu of zorin?

Steam game launchers for the app menu are stored as .desktop files in ~/.local/share/aplications

If you create the "Add to desktop" entry, just drag it from ~/Desktop to ~/.local/share/aplications

You can tap ctl+h to reveal the hidden system folders like .local if needed. Tapping it again will re-hide them.

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Ok thanks, and how can I put the games in the menu?

That action is what adds them to the menu.

I think I expressed myself poorly. With menu i mean this:

Activities Overview.

I am not a Gnome user so I am not sure on this one. Do Steam games show in App Overview, anyone?
I would think that they would...

Normally, if I install a game it is there, but now not.

I always thought that the Activities Overview showed the applications just as the application menu did. Like, when you double-tap the windows key on your keyboard.


I would have thought that adding the .desktop to the local applications folder would have added it there.

@Toedliches_Auge, what happens when you reload your shell with a re-log - or Alt+F2 for the command bar, and type r...

Does rebooting bring the applications back as you wanted?

I will try when I am back on my PC.

This dont bring back the applications

In the applications folder

there are no ".desktop" files of the installed games.
Maybe thats the problem?

Steam game .desktop files are stored in ~/.local/share/apllications not in /usr/share/applications

Nautilus, for reasons I cannot fathom, is the only file manager that does not show the file extensions by default.
Generally, all files in the applications folders are .desktop files.

So with that in mind and @Aravisian's suggestion that Steam places launchers for the games that are installed inside ~/.local/share/applications...

If there are no .desktop files for your steam games in that folder, chances are you'd either need to create the .desktop file yourself - OR - re-install/fix the game from your steam interface.

Is this the right one?

Because there is no apllications folder

Hidden system folders in home have the (.) in front of them.

I fond it but there are also no .desktop files

Please see the above^

I tryed Steam repair, it dont bring the applications to the activities overview

what does that mean?

The file type extension: For example:
musicfilename.flac or musicfilename.mp3

Application launcher files are .desktop files.
steamgamefilename.desktop or steamgamename2.desktop

Nautilus does not show the extension in the folder:
steamgamefilename or steamgamename2

If you create the file using "Add to desktop" it creates a Launcher.
Drag and drop those launchers to /.local/share/applications

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