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Hello. It is possible on steam better working a games without some emulators. I mean Steam + Proton what build inside. Have some guide to more faster loading a games and smothly working? I mean no Lutris and Wine and some another things.
I would focus on 90% software what are mostly compatibility with Linux.
Next 10% i will thinking how to catch that from old windows.

I remember tested it a long long time ago.

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@Bourne, If a game developer made the game available for linux then you dont need proton and it should work out of the box (linux native games). Not everyone adds a linux version so of you like to run a game that is only available for windows or mac you need a runner or proton to get it to work.


This games have a gold sign on protondb webside. I am little a gamer if i start reading more books the games fly out window.
Thanks for solution and information @Michel good to know that.

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ProtonDB is for game status if a game runs great or not on steams own proton

Bronze is bad
Silver is bad/good, game might crash or not render stuff correctly
Gold: Game works almost perfect, small issues like movie clips that might not work when you fire up a game
Platinum: Everything works

It really depends on what game you play, what i posted is a sample. Mostly when you click on a game on protondb you might read in what issues people ran into.

I use the gloriouseggroll proton, that one runs some games better then the original proton steam is comming with. I downloaded the Starship Troopers Terran Command demo back in Oktober. It runs fine with steam proton 6.3.7 but the cutscenes did not work. I used the gloriouseggroll 6.19-1 version and that one worked great. Cutscenes also worked.

So with the original steam proton it would be a gold status and with gloriousseggsrolls version it would be platinum

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That only works when you have a game bought on steam, when you add a custom game in steam you dont get all these options. So i would suggest users to use lutris for that.


Ok. Then when a game is not bought, then don't have this function.

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That is correct

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