Stopping other languages trying to update


Every morning on my updates there is always the languages.

No big deal, but is there a way that they are not on the list or do I untick every time?

Firefox language packs?

If your primary language is English (firefox-locale-en):

sudo apt remove --purge firefox-locale-ar firefox-locale-de firefox-locale-es firefox-locale-fr firefox-locale-it firefox-locale-ja firefox-locale-pt firefox-locale-ru firefox-locale-zh-hant firefox-locale-zh-hans

Otherwise, replace the language pack your language is in with firefox-locale-en in the list above.
So if your language is Portuguese, replace firefox-locale-pt with firefox-locale-en in the command above, then run.

The language packs listed above are:
firefox-locale-ar Arabic
firefox-locale-de German
firefox-locale-es Spanish
firefox-locale-fr French
firefox-locale-it Italian
firefox-locale-ja Japanese
firefox-locale-pt Portuguese
firefox-locale-ru Russian
firefox-locale-zh-hant Chinese Traditional
firefox-locale-zh-hans Chinese Simplified


All done. Thank you

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