Strange Keyring Prompt After Login

I just changed my password today for both my normal account and the root account, everything works fine but today when I logged in I got some pop up message that said " Unlock to View Keyring" or something and then asks for my password. The thing here is that I don’t know what this password is being asked for and secondly my new password does not seem to work here and the old password that I had changed only works. What is this keyring thing and why does it need my old password to work?


When you login and get the keyring prompt, is there an “Update keyring password” button anywhere?

I think you have to enter your old password and it will then update the keychain password to your new login password.

I haven’t tried it and will try on an installation soon.

Keyring stores your passwords. You can use this:

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I don’t know how but after the first time I am no longer getting any more pop ups like that :slight_smile:

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Then maybe just wait before using the instructions on that link.
I recall once getting a keyring related message which went away.

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I had entered my old password when it had asked earlier, maybe like @jgordon said it might have updated the keyring?

I assumed that keyring used the same password as the user account but it seems maybe not:
I think you may have just unlocked the keyring rather than updated the password.

I can’t find preferences>encryption in zorin os, is there like some other option in zorin?

Zorin menu -> type “key” in the search.

I am using lite and searching "key" only gives 4 results:

3.onboard settings

Is there any other program that I should install for this?

Try seahorse (terminal). If you don’t have it, it’s on Synaptic.

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Thanks, when I tried seahorse to change my old key ring password it said “Incorrect password” and when I tried my new password it worked fine so that means when that prompt comes and you enter your password, your password will be changed for the key ring there itself.

Never knew about this seahorse app before :smiley: