Strike deals with open-source commercial projects

Try striking a deal with Brave Browser, or Firefox, if not already the case. i'm in favor of brave as chromium engine reigns supreme, this is very true for low-end computers. One might not see a huge difference on a high-end machine, but on a computers like RPi, firefox loads a page forever, and chromium allows normal operation, also true for low-end smartphones.

Brave has more privacy tools, better search engines by default, extensions, performance etc.
The "problem" is by default a new tab page shows their crypto widgets and a sponsored background, which would be good to have them disabled, and it would still be beneficial to both parties.

The next one could be integrating MyCroft assistant, the developers could help integrating it into ZorinOS or there might be some commercial deal.

Find more projects that create value on the market and it would be beneficial to both parties to trade.

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I'd prefer if people want voice assistance, they install themselves over it already been installed.

I don't use voice assistance, and have no intention of ever using it. It's one of the first things I go in an turn off.

Brave is an overblown bloated mess. I didn't have a "high end" laptop previously and never had an issue with Firefox loading anything. Even on my new machine which has Midlevel not "high end" gaming specs, I still have zero issues with Firefox. I do not use Brave or any Chromium based browsers. I have Chromium installed if I absolutely need it or Opera, but I never use them as Firefox or LibreWolf work just fine.

You should contact Zorin direct over making a post. But I would be a no as a user for this as it's just bloat ware.

Benchmarks leave no delusion, Firefox is way behind chromium-based browsers.
So please stop denying.

It also protects privacy better than Firefox, and has better extensions.
They are trying to make a bigger dent in privacy by promoting their own advertising network instead of Google Ads (they do poorly, but it counts) + more i won't touch upon here.

On to MyCroft, so don't use it. There are zero distros with such capabilites now, and installing it yourself is a hard thing to do. I'd actually advise to put it only on the Pro version.

Zorin is unique by trying to go an extra mile compared to other distros that just stick the same software for decades. Let it not lose it.

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You spoke my mind.

Well adding bloat ware won't bring them further down the road. So as I said, contact them over making a post. But as a user, my answer is a flat out no. And if they start adding bloat, I will install something else as I would bet others will as well.

If it's so hard to install, why would anyone want it? Maybe it's not ready for primetime until they figure out how to make it less complicated.

I don't care about benchmarks, I care about actual usage. The fact Firefox may be a second or two behind is meaningless in real world actual usage. I don't sit there with a stop watch counting the seconds to open a page or how fast my laptop boots up. Just like I could not care any less about all the "benchmarks" people tout with mobile phones... I laugh at those people.

Firefox handles privacy just fine for me. And I go in and shut things off. I don't need Brave collecting my stuff trying to push their Brave Rewards or whatever goofy crypto they're using. I've also tried their "search" if that's what they want to call it. You get one page and after that they tell you to use Google or Bing.. LOL. I don't care about in ads in searches because I know you're going to have to see them if any company wants to make money to be viable. Not really sure how coming out with their own ads makes that more privacy related. The problem people have with Google is they use the info they have on you to show you ads they think you want over just showing you the ads for that particular keyword. There is a difference here. I can use Startpage or DuckDuckGo

I get it, Brave is the browser du jour, until something else comes along. But if I was going to use a Chrome browser, as I said I would just use Chromium. This way I don't have to deal with whatever nonsense Brave has added in. And my privacy is more than protected because I don't have Brave looking at what I'm doing.

You talk about Google, but then use a browser they created..... Chromium..


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