Stuck at grub

After install boots only to grub menu. I have older dell and to boot usb to load OS I had to switch to Legacy. To boot the system once installed on hard drive i need to switch back to UEFI from Legacy, therefore I cant use boot fixer on menu because it cant take effect under legacy. I was thinking to find a burnable DVD and load OS on there
Any ideas

You set the boot as either EFI or as MBR (legacy) when you install the OS. You cannot change from one to the other after the installation.

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??? So whenever I loaded Mint or Ubuntu I always could switch.
Ok so what command line could I use to enter the system or that's impossible because I need to start with legacy only??

When you install as EFI, then it writes the boot information to the EFI partition.
When you install as Legacy, then it writes the boot information to the MBR.
I have no idea how you were able to switch... I also do not understand why the need to do so.
The only fix that I know of is to Re-install the OS, in the mode you need it to remain in.

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