Stuck on login loop

I've started trying ZORIN OS 16 lite on a virtual machine but then I left it run for a little longer time and when I tried to open my web browser, it didn't open so I restarted it and now I can't login always when I try to log in it goes black for a second and then I'm back on the login screen

Please help me

Now I followed this tutorial:

And it made it even worse I now can't install lightdm it says I don't have space
So I rebooted and now I don't even have the login screen it just gives me a terminal where I can login

I do not use a Virtual Machine so can offer no real guidance there... But if I may ask; It sounds like that whole virtual build went south.
Have you been using it for a long time? Is it a simple task to delete it and create a new virtual instance of Zorin OS lite?

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I was using it for less than week but i already had installed something on it
It is very easy to make a new instance of it

So you think it is completely broken?

If this was a baremetal install, it may be worth troubleshooting. But for a virtual machine... I wouldn't recommend spinning wheels on it that you do not need to. VM means many more "moving parts' than a bare metal installation does.

Ok I will make a new virtual machine

It isn't possible to fix it by typing some commands in the terminal?

Even on a virtual machine I can directly modify the files on the disk when the machine is off

Possibly, but you already attempted a fix and got this:

Which is a two-fold problem. Space is lacking and unable to log in. The low space concerns me a bit more...
It just seems like a fresh start would be easier on you, less frustrating and more productive.

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It would also help if you had provided other information such as if you had used autologin - there is also apparently an issue with nvidia drivers causing login issues with Ubuntu 20.04.

You also did not state if you were using Virtual Box, VM Ware, or my personal favourite, Virt Manager (Virtual Machine Manager).
If using VB whenever I made an image I told it to make the VM dynamic so it changed size automatically - I always kept my VMs in the largest partition, my /home folder - but as you are using Windows I guess you need to set aside a VM partition for whatever VM software you are using. I'm never going to go back to Windows apart from earlier versions to play earlier games!

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