Stutter after inactivity

After inactivity for even a brief period of time like few seconds when I come back to do something (scrolling for example), the screen stutters for a bit before going back to normal. Although it doesn't affect me when continuously doing stuff it is pretty annoying because every time I pause to read an article, the moment I scroll again there is a teriible stutter before it scrolls.

You mean locally or in a browser? Just to know where to limit it.

...and if in a browser, how was that browser installed e.g. Flatpak?

locally, the stutter happens in the animation when I press super to multiview apps, pulling up other apps from the dock to fullscreen etc.

turning off animations seems to have fixed it. Although the desktop experience seems weird with no animations ;-; . But still it is much better than it seemingly freezing every now and then. Thanks!

Edit: nvm it did not , I think it is some power saving setting but I have changed it in settings to power, even turned off the screen dimming option. Is there something I am missing