Suddenly 3.5 audio jack not working

The external speaker works fine but the 3.5mm audio not working anymore. It worked fine a few days ago. I am using an HDMI port for the external display and audio. I have changed it to HDMI audio and internal audio, HDMI audio worked fine but internal audio not working anymore. I have tested the speaker and it is ok. Does anyone face this kind of problem? How to solve this issue? Thanks.

Sometimes when you make a change in audio, also will reset to defaults and mute (MM) the output. I have had it happen to me, as well.
In terminal run


and check for any [MM] underneath the labled "Headphones" or "Front" or other applicable output for your headset jack.

You might also look at:

sudo apt install alsa-tools-gui

And investigate using GUI app. At the top, you can pick whether to run from the HDMI output or the Motherboard Soundcard.
@zabadabadoo , you may want to investigate this GUI app, as well.

@Aravisian. I did once use the GUI version of alsamixer (if that is what alsa-tools-gui is), but I found it no more use than the terminal version.

@coderhasib If still not working after playing with alsamixer.
In alsamixer hit F5 to display ALL sound channels, then post a screenshot here, so we can have a look and see if we can help.

Any idea what event preceeded loss of 3.5mm jack output. Kernel update maybe?

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