Sudo commands required for connecting to wireless network

I've connected Zorin to a FreeIPA server and in doing so, found that non-sudo users are prompted for root when connecting to wireless networks. I'd like to locate the commands used to add them to the approved commands list so that I can avoid giving users full sudo access; but have been unsuccessful in locating anything specific (Not sure if just adding some of the various network utilities would be sufficient ie. nmcli, nmtui, ifconfig, /etc/network/interfaces, etc.)

I appreciate any guidance that can be provided.

Setting up networking on Linux so that other's can connect with it, involves using SAMBA. Suffice to say, you need to setup a separate SAMBA password, to secure's access to files and folders. This password can be different from your OS SUDO password.
Learn about networking using SAMBA.

Hi StarTreker, thanks for replying; this doesn't involve SAMBA though. This is specifically when trying to connect to wireless it requires sudo permissions that I'm trying to enable non-sudo user perform.

Is this what you are looking for?

Hi jgordon, that's definitely in the right direction. I'm specifically trying to locate what commands are being used by the gui when joining a new wireless network; that way I can assign those commands in FreeIPA to allow users to join wireless networks without contacting someone with sudo access to have them input their credentials.