[Suggestion] can the notifications popup position be set layout wise

The current behavior with it popping at the top-center is completely valid, but it'd be great if windows layout had pop up at bottom right for example..

Great OS btw.. Me and my cousin love it :heart:

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I have done a websearch "Notifications window position Gnome tweaks" and came up with this amongst others which all seeem to point to the same solution. Maybe that will help you.

EDIT: @pazoff must have seen this item. He has added another "to do" to his list, regarding the Panel OSD extension.


I m sorry for confusion.. I have done that manually myself :slight_smile:

I was talking more in terms of it being implemented out of the box.. So that layouts are more polished..

It's a minor issue though.. Thanks for looking into it :+1:

Fair point. After all, your post was in the "Feedback" section.

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Hey, there is a lot of things that should be implemented out of the box, but see, that goes to a different conversation of, why does Gnome remove important features? Why must we install extension on Gnome, to bring fourth functionality that should already be there? There are oodles of topics already on the forum where you can read on this.

Suffice to say, if you want these features out of the box, your probably going to want Zorin OS 16 LITE, once its finally released. So yeah, consider that an official recommendation from the StarTreker. Install OS 16 LITE once released.


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